Different to our other competitors, instead of creating just a NFT collection or a single block-chain game, we focus on creating a streamline and comprehensive Decentralize Finance Ecosystem with our NFT Marketplace as the core medium and the TAUM Token as our circulation currency and the base of our economy.

TAUREUM is a collection of games that utilises blockchain technology. We believe GameFi is the fastest way to reach a huge potential customer base. In our ecosystem, players are not limited to one world but can access the metaverse and enjoy any worlds via multiple games and DApps. Leveraging the power of modern cryptography and blockchain technology Taureum has the ambition to create fun, fair, transparent games to contribute to the community.

Leveraging the power of modern cryptography and blockchain technology, we aim to create NFTs that are not only unique, but also functional and has high application values to the decentralized and traditional communities.

From gaming items and characters to music composition, from digital art pieces to unique themes, our ecosystem allow users to gain exclusive rights toward their properties, no matter how minuscule they might be, and that they can freely utilize these properties within the Metaverse, trade them on any marketplace, retain them as assets, or even use them as collateral for financial purposes.

Through the Covid pandemic, we have seen how the world would suffer if we continue to rely on physical interactions for our everyday activities. While the majority of these activities are in fact, could be conducted fully or partially online. And for that, virtualization is what we believe in. It is the answer for a new world on contactless but still has the effective communication of the physical world.

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